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Darbari Historians or Marxist Poisoning Young Minds

Etymologically Hindi word for History is Itihaas- which is derived from - I- so- ti-it-haas- was.  The way history has been written in communist-controlled academia post-independence has been everything that is not history. It has been a writing of opinions and perspective, not the way things were. We have lived with such manipulation of history in order to build a narrative in which Hindus, the original inhabitants of India, were deserving to be enslaved, and Muslim invaders were kind of liberators of India. This Ponzi scheme has gone on for so long that the academicians and scholars are no longer concerned with the mockery their absurd explanation of medieval savagery which was brought into India by middle-eastern militias, attracts. In his book Eminent Historians, Arun Shourie critically examines this partisan subjectivity which has impact the scholarship in Indian History when he wrote, they (these leftist historians) are from a school in which members have made each other famous b
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Sobbing Sabrina, Outraging Obama and Conniving Congress- The Truth and Indian Muslims

Much has been written about the recent Narendra Modi's visit. The epoch-making visit is hailed by the real watchers of geo-politics and has been dumped by the political propagandists who often go around posing as neutral journalists. A shady character famous for releasing doctored video, as always, jumped into the fray to claim that Ms. Sabrina Siddiqui, the Pakistani-Origin American Journalist of Business Magazine, Wall Street Journal, who asked a dumb question to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was actually an Indian person, or at least and India loving person, with an illustrious background, linking her to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Indian media, as always, clueless and as if on a cue, latched on to the narrative that Ms Siddiqui is A- a journalist, so she should not be criticised for her public work as a journalist and B- She cheered for Indian Cricket team in some cricket match so she must be a patriot.  I have problem with both the points. As long as the attacks are on the substa

Rahul Gandhi and His Disqualification from the Parliament- Law, Constitution and History

  “For the saddest epitaph which can be carved in the memory of a vanished liberty is that it was lost because its possessors failed to stretch forth a saving hand while yet there was time.” - Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee, 16th of May, 1651, During debate on the First Amendment of Indian Constitution brought in by Nehru imposing restrictions on Freedom of Speech. In the face of a certain defeat in the face of a brute Congress majority backing Nehru bringing back colonial restrictions on liberty months after Independent India’s new constitution was adopted, a sad and dejected Dr. Mukherjee had quoted George Sutherland, a Supreme Court Judge of the United States of America (1922 to 1938). Nehru quickly went out with a vengeance and got noted Urdu poet Mazrooh Sultanpuri and actor Balraj Sahni arrested for two years, former for writing a poetry critical of Nehru and latter on sedition charges. When the debate on first amendment was going on an Dr. Mukherjee, who would later foun

Pathaan and Polarisation- Movie Review

Many have not seen Pathan, I have. I have a huge tolerance towards stupid movies and I love to watch all sort of movies. What has bothered me most about Pathaan is that in terms of content and characterisation, it is absolutely shoddy, much worse than much lampooned RaOne AND there is no review which openly tells you about it.  Most reviewers have reviewed the movie like a teenager, gushing over VFX generated body of ShahRukh Khan. This reminds me of my schoolmates bunking classes to watch tomato-sauce-laced movies of Ramsey brothers, gushing over semi-nude voluptuous actresses in the late 80s. Only difference being that those were school kids in class XII, with raging hormones and a stupefied intellect when a world around them was fast changing. Here we have middle-aged professional movie reviewers guiding people to their way in or out of Movie theatres. Their primary argument in favour of the movie is nothing but beefed up Shahrukh Khan and the gap between his earlier movie and this

कायस्थ- इतिहास एवं वर्तमान परिपेक्ष्य

सत्यम , दानम , क्षमा शीलमानृशंस्य तपो घृणा। दृश्यंते यत्र नागेंद्र स ब्राह्मण इति स्मृतः।। ( हे सर्पराज , जिसमें सत्य , दानशीलता , क्षमा , क्रूरतारहित भाव , तप एवं संवरण , एवं संवेदना हो , वह मनुष्य को ही ब्राह्मण मानना चाहिए। ) शुद्रे तु यद् भवेल्लक्षम द्विजे तच्च न विद्दयते। न वै शूद्रों भवेच्छुद्रो ब्रह्मणो न च ब्राह्मण : ।। ( यदि शूद्र में यह गुण हैं ( सत्य , दान , अक्रोध , अहिंसा , तप , संवरण एवं संवेदना ) और ब्राह्मण में यह गुण परिलक्षित ना हों तो वह शूद्र शूद्र नहीं , ब्राह्मण है ; और वह ब्राह्मण ब्राह्मण नहीं है। )  - युधिष्ठिर - नहुष संवाद , अजगर कांड , महाभारत , वन पर्व   वर्तमान परिपेक्ष्य में जिसे जाति कहा जाता है , वह वर्ण व्यवस्था का विकृत रूप है। सनातन धर्म का वर्ण जहाँ समाज को व्यवसाय एवं क्षमता के अनुरूप व्यवस्थित करने का प्रयास था और कर्म पर आधारित था , जाति उसी व्यवस्था का विघटित रूप बन कर जन्मगत व्यवस्था बन गई। जाति या कास्ट पुर्तगाल