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The Tyranny of Unwritten Word

Let me put it on record- Writing is not fun. There is no happiness in writing. There is immense satisfaction in having written. When one is too overwhelmed by the world around, and one cannot quite fathom how one should react to it, One writes. Writing is the outcome of inadequacy of action. 

No, this does not mean that writers are not men of action. Writers, more often than not, want so much action that their physical world fails to sustain. Thus, the imagination, the fiction, the fantasy and the words. Words- that exquisite conjoining of alphabets obtained in the excavation of the soul. 

The written word nourishes, the unwritten is a constant turmoil. What does the writer do when he is not writing? He is either cursing, belittling, downgrading himself in his own mind. His pen gets heavier with every wordless day. There is a reason that writers and poets are mostly sympathetic and friendly to one another. They know and can identify with one another's pain. They are almost like to s…
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Jagga Jasoos- Movie Review

Movie: Jagga Jasoos

Actors: Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Saswata Chatterjee

Rating: 4.5/5

Graham Greene in his essay- 'Is It Criticism' writes-

"Film criticism, more than any other form of criticism, except perhaps that of the novel, is a compromise."
His point being that if one understands and writes about the craft, readers do not find such reviews readable. The reviewer at the same time is at pains to ensure that his review remains as enjoyable as the movie itself. I totally agree. What makes my job easier is that I am not a movie expert, at best, I am an avid movie-watcher and movie-lover. 
Be that as it may, the film, Jagga Jasoos, wins my affection on form and fun. The film, purely in terms of form, a spy-story-musical must be watched for the audacity of making such an extraordinarily structured movie, so far from the usual. The movie is cute, exquisitely beautiful riot of colors. Without a doubt, one would think this movie must have lived in the mind of the Producer…

अमरनाथ की अमरकथा - एक व्यंग्य

नितांत अन्धकारमय रात्री भी समाप्त होती है, सो यह रात भी हुई। नेताजी प्रसन्न हुए। कल की रात ज़रा मुश्किल से गई। कश्मीर में गोली चली थी। कुछ हिन्दू जो अमरनाथ दर्शन के लिए निकले थे, शहीद हुए। बड़के नेताजी सुबह सुबह आने की निर्देश दिए थे। तीर्थयात्रा एंगल हिंदू हृदय सम्राट (प्यार से हम उन्हें हिहस पुकारते हैं) को अत्यधिक कठिनाई देता था।

मीटिंग समय पर आरंभ हुई। हिहस शाँत थे, विचारमग्न थे।

'हम्मम..' - हिहस बोले

मंत्रीगण उत्साहित हुए, प्रफुल्लित हुए, मानो चकोर को चाँद के दर्शन हुए।

"गृहमंत्री जी, इस देश में तो रहना ही कठिन हो गया है"- हिहुस बोले

गृहमंत्री राजा महाराज जिन्हें सब प्यार से 'राजमा'कहते थे,की नज़रें कलाई से उठकर हिहस की ओर बढ़ी, मानों उलाहने से कह रही हों- 

'हमें का पता, काहे सबके सामने बेइज़्ज़ती कर रहे हो।'

राजमा बोले-

'हिहस, बाक़ी जगह ठीक है, कश्मीर की ही समस्या है, देश में रहने में कोई समस्या नहीं है।'
'अरे हम हमारे रहने की बात कर रहे हैं।' हिहुस झुँझलाए। 'रात भर हमारे ही समर्थक गरिया रहे हैं। आप को देखना था अन्य देशों में लोग कितन…

The Significance of National History

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.- George Orwell"

There are some words which come to you in a way that they keep coming back to haunt you at the most uncertain hour. As these words revisit you time and again, they look newer and fresher than before as if they have come having bathed in a some pond of eternal truth which has cleansed them off any rare blemish of untruth that might have been left in their being when they were written. These words of Orwell stand like a far away lighthouse in the in the middle of the darkest of the night, standing forlorn, yet silently serving the purpose of showing the path. 
Recently there was a debate on the Television, with Pakistani guests, on the subject of terrorism (what else?). An interesting thing happened. When an Indian debater tried referring to shared history of thousands of years, so as to make Pakistani guest contemplate how Pakistan has turned into a theo…

Book Review- Doctor Zhivago- By Boris Pasternak

Greatest works of art always stand at the intersection of the key social events. What makes them stand apart from an ordinary reportage, unmindful of human angle, or a personal account, a blindly ignorant of social context of huge consequences- it the careful and crafty way of story-telling which maintains a delicate balance between the characters and the world they live in. This takes huge amount of effort on the part of the writer, to hold the story on that extreme edge of the abyss. It is almost like holding a bull gone berserk, by the horns, and keeping the beast on the track. Stories are like that, and once written to a point, they begin demanding an autonomy. Stories struggle to break free, they want to hold the pen of the writer and try to push their ways.  

As the scope and expanse of the story increases this unruly behavior reaches to a stage where it threatens to destroy a good novel. It is the sign of an exceptional masterful writer when he keeps the control of the stories, …

सनातन - The Continuum - Celebrating Hinduism

सनातन- The Continuum

     सतत सूर्य सनातन का, न होगा अस्त, विश्वास रख।
    सकल निरंतर सत्य है,यह धर्म शाश्वत, विश्वास रख।

      शब्दों का भीषण कोलाहल,
       कुतर्क का कुटिल न्याय है।
      इतिहास का गौरव भी जैसे
      विस्मृत सा इक अध्याय है।

      राष्ट्र-भाषा, राष्ट्र-भूषा
     कारण बने उपहास के।
    राम राज्य में राम के
   अब भी हैं दिन वनवास के।

     वर्ण का और वर्ग का
    यह भेद एक षड्यंत्र है।
    इक धरोहर, एक राष्ट्र
    धर्म का यह मंत्र है।

    है निरंतर धर्म यह
   आरंभ है ना अन्त है।
   सत्य-शोधक धर्म है यह
   अनवरत जीवन्त है ।

  भोले की मस्ती ओढ़ ले
  तेरा गगन, तेरी धरा,
  तू सत्य का संवाद है,
  संशय ना कर मन में ज़रा।

   केशव का गीता-ज्ञान तुम
  गाँडीव की टँकार तुम।
    तुम मौन हो संकल्प का,
   तो युद्ध का हुँकार तुम।

   राष्ट्र समझो, धर्म जानो,
   मूक लज्जित मत रहो।
   हो सनातन, हैं सनातन
  मित्र सब मिल कर कहो।

   सतत सूर्य सनातन का, न होगा अस्त, विश्वास रख।
   सकल निरंतर सत्य है,यह धर्म शाश्वत, विश्वास रख।

              - साकेत

The Bell Jar- By Sylvia Plath : Book Review

The Bell Jar
Author: Sylvia Plath (Under the Pseudonym "Victoria Lucas)
Published: 1963
Pages: 234
Amazon Link: Click Here

"Doctor Gordon's waiting room was hushed and beige. The walls were beige, and the carpets were beige, and the upholstered chairs and sofas were beige. There were no mirrors or pictures, only certificates from different medical schools, with Doctor Gordon;s name in Latin, hung about the walls. Pale green loopy ferns and spiked leaves of a much darker green filled the ceramic pots on the end-table and the coffee-table and the magazine-table."
"But when I took up my pen, my hand made big, jerky letters like those of a child, and the lines sloped down the page from left to right almost diagonally, as if they were loops of string lying on the paper, and someone had come along and blown them askew."
I had been meaning to read this book for long time. I was restrained by two things- One, the book did not seem to be available in most of the bookshops…