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The Moon, the Earth and the Ship

The Moon always revolves around the Earth, Just as the Earth around the Sun, It is the larger entity which Always provides the axis to the smaller one, That is what I took as the law of the nature, and shunned out of my mind any thoughts of what would happen, If one day things happen otherwise. Long time back, As a young man in love, Many a times, sat on the shores of Mumbai, Watching the Sun going down As I tried to catch my breath in the maddening, pace of the City of no sleep; And thought of my love Whose sole occupation those days was to be love-lorn and misty eyed. I saw large, gigantic ships floating Close to the shore, Unmindful of my lazy gaze and thought, How could such enormous shapes depend on a small anchor dropped to the foot of the sea To hold them to the shore, In the middle of huge waves, with no respect for anyone but Sun and Moon. Today, as loneliness struck,

2nd of June, 2008- Monday

Nonu , is now sixteen days old. How much I would have loved to write this as a testimonial to the changes my life and our lives, that is mine and seema's life has been witnessing of late. Not from the day the lovely eyes looked at me, from a toothless face on 16th of May, 2008, captivating my heart to a limit that not to break down and cry in that moment of weakness was one of the most difficult challenge I had faced in my life, but rather from the last Janmasthami, on 17th of August, 2007, the day when what started out as a feeble trace of life, turned out to be the most powerful menifestation of all my thoughts, dreams and ideas. How with immense affection I had watched Sonu's bump appear, her walk which I had always loved, ever so graceful, turn penguin like, and after a while could feel a small being, kicking from inside her tummy playfully, and so secure in the knowledge of being loved and protected. For good thirty five years of my life, all the efforts and activities w