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Book Review: Broken Shadows- By Radhika Mukherjee

These stories, Collected under the title, Broken Shadow by Radhika Mukherjee , twelve shorts in total, celebrate words, in their plight to reach out to the world about which an artist seeks to search the meaning of, the immense beauty of those words, written with deep dedication which is visible in every word, one is caught up immediately. There is no build-up, no fooling around. These are not stories of plot and drama, twists and turns. These are the stories more in the style of Annie Dillard' s The Writing Life and Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, contemplative, meditative. I hope I'd not be sued by Chicago Tribune description of The Writing Life, for it perfectly fits this collection of story, which I plagiarize with due credit here, " For non-writers, it is a glimpse into trials and satisfactions of a life spent with words. For writers, it is a warm, rambling conversation with a stimulating and extraordinarily talented colleague. " While the book is much shorter in

What Shiva Means for Me?

Image Courtery : GettyImages I have several times confessed being a near atheist. But I think, I am wrong. If someone were to ask me if I believed there was a God, I would tell him that I knew there was a God. My conviction on God is not because I have scientific and empirical evidence of his being. It is because I believe, we need God. As Voltaire said, " If there is no God, It would be necessary to invent one. " An atheist’s insistence of non-existence of God is as stupid as a fanatic’s insistence of the existence of God. I believe God is a necessary idea. We need God as someone who is possible, who is to be aspired for. I believe, God is what man should aspire to become. He is not a jealous, revengeful thing, which attacks us at each of our failings. God, if He were as our religious people teach us often, spiteful, He would be a mean thing to hold my respect. Someone who punishes people for not loving Him. In my opinion, he is an idea of a man, or what a man shoul