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Rohingyas, and the Fault-Lines of Indian Society

The matter of Rohingya Refugees, having traveled across the air-conditioned conference rooms, have now reached the Supreme Court of India. The debate is shrill, spilling on the streets where a certain Maulana Warsi in West Bengal, which under Mamata Bannerjee has become a sanctuary to the Islamic fanatics, threatened killing of Hindus unless the Rohingyas who have entered India illegally are granted asylum. The rogue state of West Bengal has decided to oppose the Union's decision of deporting the illegals. Those who had feigned ignorance and murmured unintelligibly in broken words, when pushed, under the tinkering of Champagne glasses, on their own countrymen pushed out of Kashmir, suddenly found voice when talking of illegal foreign immigrants from Myanmar. The voices would rise in fury, the Bandhgalas were all open as elegant, Muslim liberals took to breast-beating and the in-your-face allegiance to Ummah suddenly took away the carefully-crafted charade of nationalism from the face of many. 

The nation, with a revival of Majority faith, justifiably so, after centuries of subjugation by was shocked to this sudden surge of support for the foreigners, merely on account of shared faith. While attempts were made to hide this coreligionist affection with humanitarian cause, it was too obvious to remain unobserved. The refugees had traveled across the length of Bangladesh, ostensibly created for the Muslims without pausing for a bit; to eventually settle down in the nation, supposedly meant for those non-Muslims left behind after Muslims had obtained their own land, to create their own Islamic nation in 1947. Once in India, illegally, they decided to settle in the most sensitive of the Areas. The grand plan to infiltrate the nation, to turn the demographic skew was easily detectable. 

While India has been home to Afghan, Jew, Chinese, Tibetan and Iranian refugees for centuries, the selective placement of illegal refugees, the coordinate campaign gave the game away. It was just a matter of time when the guards would go up. The Rohingya supporters were alarmed by unexpectedly strong opposition to the Rohingya Muslims. As Maulanas thronged the streets threatening to kill, with impunity, under the protection of state government, the majority Hindus, on a reflex hardened their position. It gives us an inkling to what might have happened in Myanmar too. You can not over the overwhelming numerical supremacy for long. 

The fury and fanaticism of Muslims lead them to believe that they are meant to rule over other religions, even when in minority. This faith in divine right to decide not only how they ought to live, rather how other ought to live in their presence is much visible in the Refugee crisis in Europe. The problem is that mostly they do not migrate, they invade. The belief in the inherent human goodness, democratic principle of the host nation, to propagate their own undemocratic and absolutist idea gave them the strength and courage to file petition in the Supreme Court. The court which had thrown out the petition submitted on behalf of Kashmiri Pandits on the ground that the case was too old, decided to entertain it and asked the Government to respond, in a clear case of Judicial overreach. 

Many cast disbelief in the Myanmari Buddhists claim that Rohingya Muslims were attempting to force Islamic way of life on the native Buddhists. However, when we look at a Mullah threatening to kill Hindus in West Bengal or a Politician threatening to do the same in Hyderabad, in a country where they are around 20 Percent of the Population, one tends to believe in the Myanmar's Buddhist population claims. You cannot continue hitting above your weight and expect no retort. And you cannot invoke the benevolence and good sense of the majority when faced with vengeful wrath. 

The Rohingya refugees filed the petition and are represented by the most powerful and cosliest set of lawyers in Fali S Nariman, Prashant Bhushan, Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhawan, Ashwini Kumar mostly moonlighting as Congress Politicians. This powerful and expensive battery of lawyers further raises doubts about strong international lobby working towards some sort of designs of Islamist conquest of India. We are fortunate that India and the world at large is now awaken to the threat which is now worldwide. This international angle is also evident from the fact that as the matter came into Indian Supreme Courts, the International Human Rights lobby including the UN has gone into an overdrive pushing India to accept these illegal immigrants who were thrown out of Myanmar primarily because of the reactionary violence unleashed the Myamanr Junta in response of attempt of ARSA to establish an Islamic state. It is really curious that neither the International bodies nor the UN, in particular has ever made a request to China which shares border with Myanmar to accept the refugees on humanitarian ground. The nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Afghanistan had the History of Buddhist heritage before they were run over by supremacist Islamic faith. We can also count Pakistan and Bangladesh in the list as Hindu faith nations converted to Islamic states. No wonder History does not comfort us. It is actually an act of defending the inherent Indian culture and way of living as the Government, thankfully, unmoved by petty politics of it, has taken a position opposing the settlement of illegal refugees. Out of 40000, some would be innocent, but do you really need 40000 people to make a terror strike? We need to ponder and protect our Indianness at all cost. The leaders who think all our freedom-fighters were NRI, and those who took decades to apply for Indian citizenship will never understand the meaning of Indian-ness, but it is critical to understand that for saving and defending a shared ethos of India.   


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