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Thalaivar Arrives- What I believe Rajinikanth's Arrival means

                 Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth are two giants of Tamil Cinema, who have the Tamil Nadu politics split across the centre. A theatre of absurd has been playing down south for a very, very long time. A state, a people, living on the recipe of hatred is bound to self-destruct. Unfortunately, Tamil leaders, beginning with Periyar did their best to build their empires of negative politics for a very long time. Their success was never in subtlety. They succeeded with islolationist politics, built upon the hatred towards the mother nation.                 The whole of dravidian Politics, DMK and AIDMK thrived on an anger based on some Anti-Aryan theory, much promoted by the British. British entry into India, as elsewhere was not purely political. It was the conniving communion of the interest of the Church and Commerce which pushed the British into this whole business of colonialism.  The Church hated the deep rooted spiritualism across India. The South needed more

In the Memory of A Little Girl

"Thus Nature spake- The work was done How soon my Lucy's race was run! She died and left to me This heath, this calm and quiet scene; The memory of what has been, And never more will be. " - Three Years She Grew, William Wordsworth Death always comes with a bit of spirituality. Still, some sorrows are so close to the soul that wisdom can not wash them away. Post-funeral, no matter how much water we pour over our body, there is a bitter taste of ash and sand which remains at the tip of the tongue.  I had first seen her when Nonu, my kid was in junior school, Five years back. That was the age when all kids look similar, similar miniature-esque walk of toy soldiers, similar eyes with bewildered happiness, running aimlessly around in the manicured school lawns, amid the quacking ducks. She was her classmate and older by few months.  Quite soon she was regular at our place, her house situated close to ours. She was exceptionally talented in penci