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Emergency in India

As the electoral fortunes of the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi goes bleaker every day, owing the the public disenchantment fast transforming into public disgust towards the entitled first family of the Congress which refuses to take any account of Public opinion and continues to stupidly drive the rhetoric-based campaign, they cling back the theme which has served the Family in all these years- Democracy is in danger. 
Today,  parachuted into the leadership, Priyanka Vadra, wife of Robert Vadra charged with the major corruption during UPA, spoke of stepping into politics as a savior of democracy, projecting her own desperate move as some sort of act of benevolence towards the nation for which the unwashed masses ought to be eternally indebted towards her and the first family. Rahul Gandhi, arriving in Manipur claimed that the political plank for the party will be saving the democracy. This is in continuance to the campaign conjured up by the Congress i…