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The Return of Narendra Modi- Meanings and Implications

Reams of paper has been put to worst use by denigrating Narendra Modi as the choice of world’s oldest and largest democracy in foreign magazines like New York Times and Washington Times. There used to be a time when media was meant to report on what people thought, in the current age of cultural colonialism, the Western media has taken it upon itself to define the democratic choices for the people of India. The fear of Hinduism which the West keeps on alluding to borders on plain Hinduphobia. While writing this piece, I did notice one interesting thing. If you write the word “Hinduphobia”, MS word marks it as incorrect word. Such a term does not exist in the Western lexicon. Not acknowledging something does not mean that it does not exist. It merely means that this is one phenomenon, not a new one, but a real one which no one wishes to acknowledge. In this land, Hindus were ruled for centuries, in spite of being a majority, by the minority foreign religions, counting on the pe