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The Pattern Behind the Propaganda- Creating a Narrative for Pakistan on Kashmir

By Internet Archive Book Images  Historian Writer, Chitralekha Zutshi, writes in “The Print” – The idea of Kashmiriyat is dead . The article is shared across multiple digital portals including The Scroll.That apart, this article comes up almost forty days after the abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir. Another Article came up in The Print , written by Zainab Sikandar , wherein she lamented the loss of voice of Muslims, making it impossible for anyone to raise a voice of protest against the killing of Pehlu Khan or Tabrez Ansari because of Jinnah, as the article claimed in the title, however, eventually she ends up blaming the fact that the Muslims did not take Jinnah’s invitation to join Pakistan, the Land of faithful, the Islamic republic for eventually landing in this situation in a Hindu majority state. She carefully forgets that both Pehlu Khan and Tabrez Ansari case hogged both national and international headlines for months if not years. She also forgets while the well-co