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Netaji in Congress

The way history of India has been written post-independence, it is rare to find post-independence historian to write anything praiseworthy about any freedom-fighter who is not from the clan which appropriated India as its fiefdom. If Nehru is to be considered as the protagonist of India freedom story, not only Bose, Patel, Bismil, Savarkar, anyone who was not Nehru will be what in literary terms is called a foil. Not much has been written after independence from non-Nehru perspective. Congress, before independence, for a long time, before it became a privately-held entity under Gandhi, was more of an amalgamation of floating ideologies than a political party. The way strong personalities interacted and struggled with each other would make an interesting study, though very less has been written on it. Writing on internal politics of the Indian National Congress has been studiously avoided by the later day scholars for the fear of offending the ruling royals of the Congress. These

Riots in the Name of Anti CAA Protests, Ambedkar and Grammar of Anarchy

“The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.” – Leon Trotsky So said the thinker and writer who put his intellectual heft behind the communist revolution in Russia. When we look at the protests against the citizenship amendment act (CAA) across the country, we wonder if there is any single argument which justifies the end these anarchist protests seek. Under the leadership of Aam Aadmi Party, which took a cue from the West Bengal’s TMC rule, the National Capital of Delhi stands like an isolated island of anarchy, cut-off from the relatively peaceful UP and Haryana. As the lawmakers like Amanatullah Khan of AAP in Jamia build fake narratives to create riotous mobs, an ugly spectacle of unscrupulous and immoral politics is for everyone to see. Delhi Government puts to use Waqf Board money to fight legal case for those convicted of violence in Delhi and other states; in West Bengal, Mamata Bannerjee government assures compensation to those who