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Riots in the Name of Anti CAA Protests, Ambedkar and Grammar of Anarchy

“The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.” – Leon Trotsky
So said the thinker and writer who put his intellectual heft behind the communist revolution in Russia. When we look at the protests against the citizenship amendment act (CAA) across the country, we wonder if there is any single argument which justifies the end these anarchist protests seek. Under the leadership of Aam Aadmi Party, which took a cue from the West Bengal’s TMC rule, the National Capital of Delhi stands like an isolated island of anarchy, cut-off from the relatively peaceful UP and Haryana. As the lawmakers like Amanatullah Khan of AAP in Jamia build fake narratives to create riotous mobs, an ugly spectacle of unscrupulous and immoral politics is for everyone to see. Delhi Government puts to use Waqf Board money to fight legal case for those convicted of violence in Delhi and other states; in West Bengal, Mamata Bannerjee government assures compensation to those who died in police action against the rioters in another state from state exchequer twice what she offered to the martyrs of Uri. As the events are unfolding, even the pretense of legitimacy which the lobby of intellectuals tried to create around these riots is gone. The government of West Bengal which holds the responsibility of Law and Order is covertly and overtly supported the large-scale violence in the state in the name of opposing an act passed through due constitutional process from both the houses of parliament and vetted by the Honorable President of India. Aided by a conniving media which is no longer content to report about the politics, rather wants to define the politics of India, the elected Government of a state entrusted with the responsibility of keeping the citizens of the state safe, has become an active participant in a violent protest against an act which it is duty-bound to implement in their state. A weak opposition gives the media an opportunity to indulge itself with the role of a self-appointed guardian of democracy, creating one absolutely immoral system in which journalists, even those holding the grand-sounding title of chairman of Editors’ Guild of India, have no qualms in calling the second defeat of Congress a personal loss and to conspire openly for a quick change of regime. This explains the silence of the guild on a journalist Rizwan who was about to be burned down by the rioters in UP but the same guild going ballistic on the alleged insult of a shady journalist.
              This mindless violence in the name of upholding secularism and opposing a law that does not in any way touches the citizenship of Indian citizen, rather offers some relaxations to the non-Muslim minorities trying to escape persecution in Muslim states who have arrived in India before 2014, in terms of reducing the term of naturalization from the current 6 Years to 5 Years. The way Islamists in the garb of secularism and democracy have responded to the cause of those unfortunate Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists of the three Islamic nation has taken off the garb off the face. It has been much hyped as a student’s movement standing against a fascist regime. In the end we find that the protests have come from two staunchly communist universities namely, JNU and Jadhavpur University apart from Muslim-run Institutions like Jamia Millia, Aligarh Muslim University. Protests by small groups in some other Institutes have also been reported, but those can honestly not be termed as students of the university as a whole protesting. To keep things in perspective, these three four largely Muslim universities (yes, the defenders of democracy and sentinels of secularism reserve 50% of their seats reserved for Muslims and decline dalit reservations even while being funded by the state which funds them from a secular fund of Hindu-majority nation), form a minuscule percentage of a total of 821 Universities recognized under the UGC of India. I wonder if protests by Islamist-Communist combine in 4 Universities can be considered as a representative of Student’s voice in 821 Universities.
              As the violence of West Bengal was followed by Violence in Jamia, and then by AMU, and wanton violence in Gujarat, Kanpur, Muradabad and other Muslim-dominated areas, the masks were quickly down. The anti-idol-worship Nazm of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, quickly gave way to the Quranic chants of La-Ilaahi-il-Allah and ­Naara-i-Taqbeer, the masks quickly dropped down. As the investigations in Jamia now tell us that the fake ID cards were being issued months in advance to allow for the rioters to come and hide in the JNU campus, we know CAA is just an excuse. It is just a way of demonstrating religious supremacy. Many are not happy that the eternal embarrassment which the power that be placed on the Hindus is now chipping off.
The left (when I say left, I mean Congress as well, since the two have long since become one) has no option. A discredited ideology which has no takers in the real world, faced with ever depleting foot soldiers, trying to fill up the ranks with rabid Islamists and fanatic Muslims trying to hide their designs of religious crusades with grand words of intellectual even though impractical communism. The incongruence of a progressive thought and regressive violent religious ideology unveiled too quickly as Shehla Rashid, a fanatic Islamist and an ex-Communist charged the left of trying to forcefully grab the Muslim movement. Not that it was secret to any one on the ground. The protest which invariably happen in Muslim-majority areas and in Islam-dominated universities fools no one with the posters of Gandhi and Ambedkar. The Dalit Ambedkarites mean for the Islamists nothing more than what they themselves mean to the communists- expendable idiots. The target is not the state, not the act. Their target is Hindu renaissance. The way a Hindu identity is intermingled with the national identity of Bharat, a resurgence of Hindu faith whether you suffix it with a ‘Tva’ or ‘ism’, puts a spanner in the plan of Balkanization of India. This is not acceptable to the leftists or the Islamists.
              Having run out of the secular arguments, they protestors were quick to bring in the Dalit story in the context of something which started a fortnight back pretending to be a Dada Sahab Phalke but ended quickly being Dada Kondke, a caricature, nothing else. Ambedkar quotes were quickly brought in to render legitimacy to the anarchists holding cities under siege. I am sure if Dr. Ambedkar was alive today, he would disown all those who forget that the biggest beneficiary of CAA will be those left-out Dalit Hindus and Christians of Pakistan who were kept there by the first Prime Minister of Pakistan ostensibly to clean the toilets. Not that the Jamia students who refuse to offer reservation to Dalits in Jamia would have a view of Dalits any better than Liaquat Ali Khan. But it is important to call that out. It is also important to bring out the words of Ambedkar on so-called legitimate protests against an act approved through the due constitutional process.

              Some have shared selectively quoted Ambedkar’s Grammar of Anarchy where he warned of the threats of Bhakti. They forget that the term Bhakt was derisively used for the supporters of Narendra Modi only after 2014 elections. When Ambedkar wrote this warning, he wrote it with reference to the hero-worshippers of Nehru family. It is funny that the same people are now quoting Dr. Ambedkar. This speech of Ambedkar is particularly interesting and if it were up to me, I would make it mandatory reading for all college-going kids. In the same speech Ambedkar writes about the Communists, who have of late took the mantle of defender of constitution-
“The condemnation of the Constitution largely comes from two quarters, the Communist Party and the Socialist Party. Why do they condemn the Constitution? Is it because it is really a bad Constitution? I venture to say ‘no’. The Communist Party want a Constitution based upon the principle of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. They condemn the Constitution because it is based upon parliamentary democracy. The Socialists want two things. The first thing they want is that if they come in power, the Constitution must give them the freedom to nationalize or socialize all private property without payment of compensation. The second thing that the Socialists want is that the Fundamental Rights mentioned in the Constitution must be absolute and without any limitations so that if their Party fails to come into power, they would have the unfettered freedom not merely to criticize, but also to overthrow the State.”

Many claim that forcefully squatting on the public spaces, inconveniencing the people is a legitimate way of protest. They quote Gandhi claiming that Gandhi also did so. They forget that in those days India was ruled by a foreign power, and there was no such thing as free judiciary which have been kinder to them than it has been to most common people, opening courts at the midnights. Here is what Ambedkar said on such protests in the same speech.
“The first thing in my judgement we must do is to hold fast to constitutional methods of achieving our social and economic objectives. It means we must abandon the bloody methods of revolution. It means that we must abandon the method of civil disobedience, non-cooperation and satyagraha. When there was no way left for constitutional methods for achieving economic and social objectives, there was a great deal of justification for unconstitutional methods. But where constitutional methods are open, there can be no justification for these unconstitutional methods. These methods are nothing but the Grammar of Anarchy and the sooner they are abandoned, the better for us.”
So the next time a moustached man who runs his politics of violence in the name of Ambedkar tells you to pick up a stone to throw or tells you to go burn a bus, read out this speech of Ambedkar to him. And join hands with the rest of India to welcome your Dalit Hindu brothers escaping a theocratic regime which refuses to accept any religion except one.  There is nothing in the end of this violence, which even Trotsky will find remotely justifiable. Many things are passed these days in the name of dissent, for instance an elected state government using state assembly put in place to implement laws passed by the Parliament denouncing the same laws. The parties in Kerala did not come together in a public place to oppose CAA, they used the house which is supposed to implement the laws to oppose an Act already approved by the President of India. Do not let them fool you. They threatened bloodbath when the lost power the first time. This whole grammar of Anarchy is as per their plan. If it was not CAA, it would be something else. We need to watch out for it. This is what Ambedkar also said.


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