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The Martial Hindu And Why Shivaji is not Taught to Us?

We have been taught, largely since independence, a Hindu needs to be docile, fearful and timid. If a Hindu is anything like valiant, proud or assertive, he should be ashamed of himself, else he or she will be likened with a Godse and called a terrorist. This tendency took more shape during a decade of UPA regime under the Sonia Gandhi. Not much protest came about as we have largely accepted this caricature of a Hindu who can not have it in him to hit back. As No-Go areas began springing in the society, under the influence of Wahaabism supported by a power lobby which worked at two levels- the obvious, which was the Congress and the subtle, which was the Communists; taught by Marxist historians, Hindus slowly and slowly began believing that the Hindu race had no trace of Martial strength in it. There cannot be a bigger lie than this.  It is true that Hindus were not culturally and historically inclined to be in a state of perpetual war readiness, Hindus were no cowards, as histo

Book Review #1 - Shivaji and His Times- Jadunath Sarcar- CoronaCurfew

The Corona scare is there and there seems to be no other solution to fight it off than to avoid the spreading of it. This is 22nd of March, 2020 and India has gone into shutdown till this scare subsides. I fear, living through it will be as difficult as will be coming out of this.  However, I have decided to use this time to look after health of the body, and mind. Reading forms major part of the second aspect. I have decided to share the reviews of what I read for the larger people. This is day 1, with Jadunath Sarcar's - Shivaji and His Times.  Born on 10th of December, 1870, Shri Jadunath Sarcar was a scholar of unequaled brilliance. In 1891, he graduated in English, topper in MA and taught at Presidency College, Calcutta (now Kolkata) and later at BHU. He wrote this book Shivaji and his Times in 1919.   The great thing about this book is that it stays away from the narrative building mode of writing history, as is the wont of later day Marxist historians and even