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Analyzing the Analysts- Failed Attempts to Understanding the Modi Magic

  " When a writer tries to explain too much, he is out of time before he begins. " wrote Isaac Bashevis Singer, 1978 Nobel Winning writer. As year wraps to an end and Bengal Elections are around the corner, Analysts are jumping over one another to analyze the way politics panned out over this Pandemic-ridden unfortunate and sad year.  When you go through most of the analysis, you find them dipping into the froth floating at the top. They often develop the hypothesis first then try to fit the data. This gap between interpretation and data leads to their conclusions mostly turning way off the mark. The most common and prevalent hypothesis that is being currently floated is that those who support Narendra Modi are some sort of fanatic army, which has no reason to support him and which are loyal to him in the most retrograde terms. For that very reason, Narendra Modi, in return, cares only about those who voted for him and no one else. While there is no proof of Narendra Modi app

A Right-Winger's Advise to the Congress

  In last few years, Congress party has given us a string of disappointments, as a primary opposition party. A letter-coup of the sorts was enacted some time back, as few would want us believe, wherein some Twenty-Three of senior Congress politicians wrote in to the interim President, Ms. Sonia Gandhi, seeking change of leadership in the Grand Old Party. Exasperated political observers, journalists and media sympathizers of Congress, tired of almost a dozen re-launches of Rahul Gandhi over the last Twenty years, as he presided over the decline of the party over the years, kept on advising Congress on how to re-invent itself. Unfortunately, what they mostly tried to impose over Congress was their preferred way of politics. Most intellectuals, in India, primarily on account of the understanding reached between the Left and Indira Government during Emergency, come from the Communist side, are products of Institutions run by Leftist ideologues. Their idea of re-inventing Congress is to bec