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Judicial Overreach- How Far is too Far?

  Supreme Court bunched together various petition with the primary petition seeking direction for the Government to get the Delhi roads blocked by various Farmer Groups, mostly from Punjab. These five-star protests blocking the streets, after refusing to move to designated protest sites are reportedly funded by foreign entities and political parties. The farmer leaders keep on claiming the protests to be apolitical led by poor farmers, and the left-leaning anchors allow them getting away with their lies when there have been proof of people like a 600 Crore High Networth Individual VM Singh, an ex-Congress and Ex-TMC leader (and running his own Political outfit now, having contested recent UP elections with 35 Contestants and losing all seats), Hanan Mollah , an 8-times MLA of CPI-M from West Bengal, an MP and also Waqf Board member, Rakesh Tikait, who fought 2014 election on RLD Ticket and lost, and Darshan Pal, an Anesthetist and founder member of PDFI banned by Congress-led UPA Gove

Do not Pull Hinduism in Western Absurdities

'The poets tell us, that after the giants were overthrown by the Gods, the Earth in revenge produced her last offspring which was fame. And the fable is thus interpreted: that when tumults and seditions are quieted, rumors and false reports plentifully spread through a nation.' wrote Jonathan Swift in his famous Essay - The Art of Political Lying.  The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, in all his awesomeness, lost the majority in the Congress and the Presidency of the United States of America as Joe Biden's victory was vetted by the Senate. And then as the Leftists say, with the eloquence of romantic poets- the people rose in opposition of it. Unfortunately, this time the people rose in favor the orange mop of hair which will go down in the history, if written factually, as the President of America who brought in least amount of wars on his nation and signed the most critical peace deal in the Middle East. However, History is not written factually, and

On the Side of Enterprise and Free Market

Few pretty disappointing things happened in last few days, as we have stepped into the New year. A section of farmers from Punjab, ostensibly claiming to be representative of farmers across the country, stood blocking the roads to Delhi, led by one rejected politician and failed pollster, Yogendra Yadav, one four-time MLA of Communist Party and one founding member of Terror Organization. Then there is Rahul Gandhi who is and is also not the Head of Congress Party. The man is reportedly in Italy to welcome the New Year, all the while instigating the people of India to create violence and anarchy. The problem with almost Fifty-year old Rahul Gandhi is that he has not done productive work of a day in all his precious life. The harbinger of negativity, quintessential Naysayer of Indian public space, Rahul Gandhi knows little about any thing and is inconsistent as Delhi weather these days. Journalists, who Rahul Gandhi claims, Congress has invested deeply in, and who in all their earnestnes