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Sobbing Sabrina, Outraging Obama and Conniving Congress- The Truth and Indian Muslims

Much has been written about the recent Narendra Modi's visit. The epoch-making visit is hailed by the real watchers of geo-politics and has been dumped by the political propagandists who often go around posing as neutral journalists. A shady character famous for releasing doctored video, as always, jumped into the fray to claim that Ms. Sabrina Siddiqui, the Pakistani-Origin American Journalist of Business Magazine, Wall Street Journal, who asked a dumb question to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was actually an Indian person, or at least and India loving person, with an illustrious background, linking her to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Indian media, as always, clueless and as if on a cue, latched on to the narrative that Ms Siddiqui is A- a journalist, so she should not be criticised for her public work as a journalist and B- She cheered for Indian Cricket team in some cricket match so she must be a patriot.  I have problem with both the points. As long as the attacks are on the substa