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Darbari Historians or Marxist Poisoning Young Minds

Etymologically Hindi word for History is Itihaas- which is derived from - I- so- ti-it-haas- was.  The way history has been written in communist-controlled academia post-independence has been everything that is not history. It has been a writing of opinions and perspective, not the way things were. We have lived with such manipulation of history in order to build a narrative in which Hindus, the original inhabitants of India, were deserving to be enslaved, and Muslim invaders were kind of liberators of India. This Ponzi scheme has gone on for so long that the academicians and scholars are no longer concerned with the mockery their absurd explanation of medieval savagery which was brought into India by middle-eastern militias, attracts. In his book Eminent Historians, Arun Shourie critically examines this partisan subjectivity which has impact the scholarship in Indian History when he wrote, they (these leftist historians) are from a school in which members have made each other famous b